About jedi_randy

I'm a Star Wars fan from the "Three Stars and a Sun"!

Long time ago, in a cinema called Quad, a humongous Imperial Destroyer roared in full Dolby Stereo glory across the screen and blew my mind away...

Thus began my lifelong fascination with the movie Star Wars, a cloak and lightsaber tale of friendship, a moisture farmer turned hero, his raspy voiced cyborg of a father, a playboy smuggler with a snarling walking carpet, er buddy, courage, bounty hunters, love, a princess in a metallic bikini, a wise little green man with bad ass fighting skills and the triumph of good vs the minions of an evil senator-turned-emperor . 

With the multitude of websites and blogs devoted to the George Lucas masterpiece, why did I create another one?

  • Because Master Yoda said: "Do or do not. There is no try."
  • Because I have not seen enough Star Wars blogs by Filipinos
  • Because I want to sharpen my literary skills  by writing about something that I like
  • Because I might become famous and get Star Wars freebies (haha!)
  • Because I want to.

May the Force be with You!

(You knew I was going to say that!)