The Black Mamba Collection

I have been a fan of Los Angeles Lakers Superstar Kobe Bryant since his rookie season. I have collected some of his cards and memorabilia over the years.

My favorite is the Topps Finest Apprentices RC. Although its value is lower than his Topps Chrome RC, I find the photo better here. It shows Kobe's intensity as a rookie, as if he was on his way to slam the ball in your face.

Kevin Garnett, Lebron James and Vince Carter RCs

I also collected magazines with Kobe covers. Most of them I bought on sale.

I bought this one in Booksale Edsa Central for only P50. It has a cover spread of the Class of 96, one of the best drafts in NBA history. Allen Iverson, the number 1 pick, is conspicuously absent from the photo.

Kobe's old number 8 jersey, which I was also able to buy on sale (P400 or roughly $9.50).

Bobble head doll which I bought during one of the Comic Conventions at SM Megamall.

Hot Wheels Radical Rides