My Star Wars Memorabilia

Collecting anything Star Wars is an expensive endeavor, but I have managed to accumulate most of my stuff buying them at dirt cheap prices. I'm not a hardcore MOC collector. As long as the item is in good condition and it's on sale (and I have cash), I'll  grab it.

Star Wars Comics issue 1 (Alemars Reprint)

My old workstation, where I displayed some of my toys:

Darth Vader SW Transformers - Robot Mode

Darth Vader SW Transformers - Tie Fighter Mode

Luke Skywalker Transformers X-Wing Mode

I don't like Luke's Robot mode though, the legs are too thin and it's difficult to make the figure stand
Darth Vader tumbler topper from Pizza Hut, circa 1997. The tumbler unfortunately was broken by the son of my former officemate.

Hang around with your favorite bounty hunter: Boba Fett Keychain

AT-AT/Stormtrooper Bobblehead, Mcdonald's Happy Meal toy released in the US.

Star Wars  Happy Meal Toys (Philippine release)

Ani and Artoo

Clone trooper dropship, Millennium Falcon, X-wing

Books, magazines and comics...