Tuesday, May 3, 2011

United Jedi for Japan: "We are Jedi" Limited Edition Shirts

As Japan continues its rehabilitation efforts after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit their nation, Japanese Star Wars fans are calling on all brothers and sisters in the Force, to support the "We are Jedi" Project. Obtaining authorization from Lucasfilms, organizers have designed limited edition "We are Jedi" shirts for sale, with all of the profits going to the Japanese Red Cross. For more details visit: http://501st.jp/wearejedi/index_en.php

The shirts remind me of the hugely popular "USA for Africa" tees sold in the late 80s, which came out in conjunction with the hit "We are the World" sung by Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, Cyndi Lauper and the biggest music stars of that generation. 

Looking at the shirt design above, the map of Japan was cleverly positioned to represent the letter "J".

Our love and prayers to the people of Japan. Force no tomo ni aran kotowo! 


H0KAGE said...

Great design for the T-shirt. The map of Japan as the letter "J" perfectly suits the design.

I am also a Jedi. How I wish! =)

jedi_randy said...

Use the Force Hokage, hehe!

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