Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Amazing Free Comic Book Day Odyssey - Part 2

Slowly but surely, the queue moved closer towards our coveted prize.

Some of the Pinoy artists came in early to sign, sell some of their indie work and do sketches.

At last, free comics sighted!

A cute and friendly Comic Odyssey staff was also a sight for the fanboy's eyes. Right JM?

Those who came early enough, like us, received a white bag (see those stacks in the background) full of FREE comics, plus a bookmark and sticker. We also got to choose specially printed FCBD comics. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the FCBD Star Wars issue. Instead I got Indies Maximus, Captain America and Thor - The Mighty Fighting Avengers, Elric, and Path of the Planeswalker.

In all, I came home with 57 free comicbooks. Most of these were old issues from the Image heydays, with titles that looked promising then but never really took off (any one remember Fabulous First issue of Vanguard?), and other independent studios like Malibu Comics, Crusade, Defiant, Triumphant Unleashed (gee, I'm now a proud owner of The Chromium Man Unleashed, 6955 of 27,000 printed!)

I also was pleasantly surprised to find Spawn #8, which was written by the legendary (and extremely eccentric) Alan Moore, and titles from Entity Comics/CATS Studios (Aster, Shaiana, Harriers) which showcased the early works of now respected Marvel/DC artists Jay Anacleto, Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan (nominated in this year's Eisner Awards for his opus "Elmer"). It's like owning pieces of comic book history!

My son Gboy sure was a happy with the stuff that I brought home that day.

The good owners of Comic Odyssey did a fantastic job hosting and handling the event. In the end, it was a triumph for comics and comic book fans around the world.

See you again next year!


Matt said...

I think that cutesy lass you boys are referring to is the princess of the Comic Odyssey Empire. Can anyone confirm if she's Sir Sandy's daughter?

jedi_randy said...

I have a strong feeling she is an heir to the Empire...

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