Monday, May 9, 2011

An Amazing Free Comic Book Day Odyssey - Part 1

May 7, 2011 - Never mind that I didn't have sleep coming off a 7pm to 4am shift. I met up with former officemates and buddies JM and Koach and headed off to Robinson's Galleria an hour and a half earlier than the mall opening time, optimistic that we would be in front of the expected long queue of fans eager to get free comics and goodies. We were worried that another buddy, Matt C, wouldn't be able to make it as none of us had his current mobile number.

As soon as the mall opened at 10am, we half-dashed to the third level and frantically searched for the mecca of FCBD, Comic Odyssey.

To our dismay, there was already a snake of a line and whaddaya know, to make matters worse, Matt, our sneaky bastard of a friend was already there, comfortably placed at number 49.

To give you an idea how long the queue was, I was already number 225. And there were still hundreds of fans behind us. Men, women, kids, teens, gramps and grannies, professionals, students. They came in droves, and I give credit to the organizers for keeping the crowd orderly.

There's Koach in red and JM with the fancy phone.

What a show-off! We wanted to strangle Matt  for getting his goodies way ahead of us.

In the end, all was forgiven and friendships prevailed.

(To be continued)


H0KAGE said...

Nice bonding you all got there. Friendships prevailed, FTW! :)

manong calbo said...

And I am FCBD fanatic number 600+. No more goodies. LoL :D

jedi_randy said...

@Hokage: Thanks, you should have been there bro, it was fun!
@manong calbo: It's understandable man, you had a more important matter to attend to. Nice meeting you by the way in person at Johnny Rockets :)

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