Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big Bike with Sith Lights: A Star Wars hog from the Pinoy Harley Riders Club

My grade school classmate, Lorenzo Paran III, maintains a blog called Pinoy in America, and while I was reading his post "A Day with the Pinoy Harley Riders Club" I spotted one special bike that suddenly ka-blammed my SW geeksense into hyperdrive:

A Skywalker pop and son lightsaber duel paint job up front, and Vader break lights to complete the Sith intimidation!

Third (as he is still fondly called and who is currently based in CA), informed me that the bike was invited to be displayed at the LA Oscar Awards Night  2011 red carpet "but got bumped off at the last minute". The Harley is owned by a Fil-Am dentist based in SoCal, who surprisingly is not into Star Wars, but entrusted the custom job to a man who obviously is a fan of the George Lucas saga.

Pinoy in America is an enjoyable read, a candid and often times humorous take on the lives of Filipinos living and working in the United States. Third has already published a book "An Isteysayd Life" last year. I gotta get an autographed copy soon.

(All photos were posted with the permission of Lorenzo Paran III)

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