Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gboy turns 7!

Our son Gboy celebrates a milestone in his life...it's his seventh birthday today!

His heart is a bit different from everybody else's. God made it so. An ordinary heart cannot contain so much courage and love.

To our Ultimate Alien, our little Azkal, our young Jedi...may your dreams and wishes all come true our little Superhero! 


Wandering EJJ said...

Happy Birthday GBoY!! God be with you always:)

H0KAGE said...

Happy birthday to GBoy! May the Force be with him master jedi!

jedi_randy said...

Thanks Wandering EJJ and Hokage! Much appreciated!

kay said...

Happy birthday! It's the big 7!

jedi_randy said...

Thanks Kay!

Dave Josef said...

gboy 7 :D i think he is teenager now

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