Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Sith Kata Video and 11 Questions with Pinoy Sith Lord S'Dat Q-nim

I've met some pretty interesting characters on Facebook and one of them is Tads Obach Acosta who hails from Iligan City. Aside from being both SW geeks, Tads and I share the name Thaddeus, so it was but natural for our paths to cross, despite being on the opposite sides of the Force. You see, Tads fancies himself to be a Sith Lord of some sorts.

The video below was actually shared last year by THE Whilce Portacio, legendary Filipino comic book artist who is no stranger to the Star Wars mythos. Before he became a famous penciller for Marvel titles (such as X-men, Punisher and X-Factor) and co-founder of Image Comics, Whilce inked Star Wars #107 in 1977.

Here's what Whilce had to say on Facebook:
"A little something nice I just received...I love it when people with passion apply it...for Star Wars fans here's one fan passionately applying himself on film...Bravo to Tads Obach Acosta, will look forward to your other efforts..."

Bravo indeed!

I caught up with Tads (aka S'Dat Q-nim) who happened to visit the Mos Eisley Carinderia and asked him a couple of questions:

jedi_randy: Where are you based and what do you do for a living?
S'Dat Q-nim: I'm still a damn bum. I took up a course 'suggested' to me and I was too obedient. I've regretted that damn decision for more than 4 years and gawd how I hate 'Nursing!' I guess this (hatred) is the source of my Sith powers.

j_r: When did this Star Wars obsession start?
SDQ: When I asked my uncle: "Who's the guy with a black cape and a kick-ass helmet?"

j_r: Where did you shoot the Sith Kata video?
SDQ:In a MEMORIAL GARDEN! I had to climb up a hill to reach the entrance and go downhill to reach the spot where I shot the short film. It was a good exercise!

j_r: How many hours/days did you shoot the film?
SDQ: 5 days, 2 hours per day since I used a lousy camcorder with a lousy battery life.
Just so you know: four days I shot the sequences ALONE. I didn't want my friends to help since this film was supposed to be a 'precursor' to my main SW project and I wanted to 'surprise' them. On the fifth day, I used my Force Persuasion on my cousin/best pal to help me shoot the vid.

j_r: Any plans of shooting more fan-made SW videos soon?
SDQ: YES. Like I said before, the Sith Kata vid is a 'precursor' to my main SW project.... Star Wars: Obscura!

j_r:  Looks like you have been consumed already by the Dark side. Who is your favorite SW character then?
SDQ: PALPY PALPY PALPY!!!!! Followed by Vader then by Luke. Hey I can imitate Palpy's voice!!! Seriously! >:)
Also EU characters: Darth Bane, Exar Kun and Darth Nihilus!
Sith Lords are more fun than the Jedis. I mean, c'mon? Black robes, wicked masks, Force lightning??? Wooo hooo!!!

j_r: If you had to pick only one, which of the SW movies is your favorite?
SDQ: Can I pick 3??? ESB, RotJ and RoTS. Heck, I was the only one in the theater who laughed when the m*thaf**kin Windu got owned!

j_r: If you could improve on any of the movies, and George Lucas was listening, what would be your suggestions?
.... aaaaand add sequences featuring Maul mauling several Jedis to their deaths...
...and oh please erase that awful Savage Oppress too... pretty please?

j_r: If you could get any celebrity to star in your videos for free, who would he/she be?
SDQ: Gee... this one's tough... umm... I'd like... Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and Gaga (yes... her) to be my Sith mistresses. I'd also would like to have Gary Oldman as my Sith mentor! (Gawd, I'm a huge fan of his!)

j_r: Do you have a Star Wars collections as well?
SDQ: I have a Darth Potato Head!

j_r: Is your knowledge of Star Wars an advantage or disadvantage when trying to impress babes?
SDQ: I'm a geek but not a nerd. Look how many friends I have in my FB account... most of them are girls. LOLOLOL! (jedi randy's note: Sith mind tricks are nastier than the Jedi variety)

Thank you for your time S'Dat Q-Nim! Let's have that lightsaber duel to the death soon.

Just to prove that the dark side of the Force has its flaws, here are bloopers of the Sith Kata video:

We look forward to more Star Wars videos from Tads. And if he becomes famous, remember, he was first interviewed here at the Mos Eisley Carinderia.

Bring Megan, Angelina and Gaga along on your next visit.

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