Thursday, March 31, 2011

A brave young Jedi named Eli

I learned about Eli Lana's rare blood disorder from a post ("The Force is Strong in Him!") by TK-9849 of Action Figure Empire. In an interview with, Eli's mother Mary Ann Lana revealed that Eli suffers from Fanconi Anemia, " an inherited disease that prevents your bone marrow from making platelets and red blood cells, making white blood cells the way it should and you body needs all those things to fight off infection heal cuts and things like that.”

A bone marrow drive as well as a Toys for Eli drive was initiated by the community (the Lana family lives in Hilton, NY) and good friends such as TK-9849 and the 501st Legion.

Eli is only 6 years old and I could empathize with the Lana family, having a 6 year old son myself, Gboy, who was also diagnosed with a congenital heart disease when he was 5. According to the article, Eli is a passionate Star Wars fan and although I may not be able to send him toys because of the distance, I wanted to give him something that would at least cheer him up...

In case any of you would like to send toys, donations or get well cards, please check out the post from AFE, Reach Out With the Force: Another Way To Help Eli And His Family!

May the healing Force of the Lord be with Eli!

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