Monday, March 14, 2011

SW Gifts from the Forest Moon of Endearment

This may be a bit late, but I'm posting it anyway because I love my 2 ewoks, er kids, dearly. Nothing can compare to the joy of a father being loved unconditionally by his children (and having homemade Star Wars cards as gifts on his birthday). These were taken last February 27, 2011.

Gboy and Yamee show off the cards that they made in Microsoft Word for my special day...

They're really well behaved in school. They're just playful and mischievous at home :)

From Yamee: 

Happy BERTday Papa!!! (Note: She thinks I'm Jabba the Hutt, I should've cut her allowance come to think of it, hohoho!)

I love you Papa, I love you so much! Thank you for giving us rewards when we have good grades and when we make it to the top of our class. We will study well to help you and Mama.

Happy BERTday again!



From Gboy:

Dear Papa,

Happy Birthday

I Love you



Can't thank you kids enough!

And yes, I got another birthday gift from the whole gang (my wife included), a red shirt that says:

Translation: "Don't think that you're ugly, it'll just piss you off." 

Hahaha! Nice! You're all grounded for a month. Just kidding!

My family is the real source of my Force.

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