Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meeting heroes from different universes...Part 1

Some more pics during our MOA trip last March 5, 2011. These were taken in front of Astro Kidz inside of Kids Universe

(In the light of the Japan earthquake, how I wish we had these superheroes to really call on in times of calamities...)

From the DC Universe:

The Justice League: Yamee, Gboy and me with The Flash and Green Lantern...

....and with The Man of Steel from the planet Krypton.

Close up shots...

Next up... Heroes from the Marvel Universe!


TK-9849 said...

This awesome! Why don't we have life sized statues like this in American toy stores??? Need to visit the Philippines and "smuggle" some back ;)

jedi_randy said...

You know what, some of the statues are made locally in the Philippines, and they're of really good quality. They usually sell here at P20000 - P25000 (roughly $476-$595)

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