Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shake and Stalemate

We take a break from our regular posting for some important updates...

March 21, 2010 6:30 pm
THE SHAKE - I just arrived at the office and was settling down to check on my emails when I noticed my Mcdonald's Stormtrooper and Kobe Bryant Bobble Heads "nodding" on their own.

Earthquake! The tremor lasted for about 6 seconds, and although I tried to stay calm, images of the recent Japan disaster flashed inside my head. Everyone inside the room slowly stood up, we looked at each other, and had the same question in mind: "Did you feel that as well?" Thankfully, the quake that was felt in Metro Manila only registered a magnitude 4 according to the news flash (epicenter was in Mamburao, Mindoro), and we all returned to our business tasks afterwards. I offered a silent prayer of thanks and texted my wife and mom just to check on them and let them know that everything was fine.

THE STALEMATE - Around the same time that the earthquake was felt in Manila, James Younghusband of the Azkals scored on a penalty kick in the 2nd half to put the Philippine football team up 1 goal over host Myanmar in the AFC Challenge Cup group stage.

James Younghusband 

Myanmar however capitalized on a well placed direct kick off a foul by Simon Greatwich to equalize in the closing seconds of injury time to deny the Azkals the victory and 3 points. The match ended at 1-1. Studio 23 was not able to broadcast the game live due to strict media regulations by the military controlled Myanmar government.

The Azkals will be facing Palestine on March 23 and Bangladesh on March 25. The support of Filipino fans will once again bolster the Azkals' bid to advance to the next round of The AFC Challenge Cup.

One Big Bite! Growl for Goal! Let's Dog it Azkals!

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