Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Force Unleashed: Azkals obliterate Bengal Tigers 3-0

It was bound to happen. After two frustrating draws in the Group A qualifying matches for the AFC Challenge Cup, the Azkals finally pieced together a brilliant game to deliver its most dominating win yet, making kittens out of the shellshocked Bengal Tigers of Bangladesh.

(Original photos taken by Craig Burrows of, photoshop effects added by jedi_randy)

Ian Araneta finally broke his scoring slump by netting in the first RP goal at '41.

Angel Guirado Aldeguer, the 6'2" Fil-Spanish forward and newest Azkal recruit lived up to his billing as a dangerous striker by scoring two more goals in the second half ('53 and '79), putting the game out of the Tiger's reach and securing a place in the AFC Challenge Cup final 8 for the first time in Philippine history.

Despite the absence of a live television broadcast due to strict media regulations by the Myanmar government, the whole nation turned to Twitter to get game updates from Dyan Castillejo of ABS CBN, and Azkals fanatics Roy Moore and Craig Burrows, foreigners who are more Pinoy in heart than some full blooded Filipinos, who went to Myanmar on their own expense just to support the RP team.

March 25, 2011 - a glorious day in Philippine football history!

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